Sunday, 20 November 2011

Sun Bathing Waxwings - This time the weather behaved

Took a quick hour break whist leaving the roast in the oven, and went on a mission to try an track these rather addicted guys down..and did with 10mins left before I had to get home the get the sunday lunch sorted...The sun and light was perfect..... These guys are so close to work, it would be rude not to try and find them one lunch break next week..

Hope you like them

Friday, 18 November 2011

They're back - Them there Northumberland waxwing that it...........

About 25 around Ashington this morning........great to see them back - just wish for much better light next time...

The 1st of many more images........I hope ;-)

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

A Good day of but bloomin grey - Oh and Short eared Owls - Again.........sorry

A day off yesterday (14th ) proved fruitful with some great views up the Northumberland coast of the now well know GreaterYellowlegs
Then leaving the hide (which I only stayed in for 25mins or so as the yellowlegs shot off across the pond) a guy was on the path pointing a video camera at the bushes, and look at what popped its head out to say 'hi'

Saw 1000,s of geese flying over head around Druridge bay, but no Bittern..Shame!

Then headed off to PC early (due to rubbish light) and there as I walked up the lane was a really big flock of mixed tits (longtailed, willow, blue, great, marsh and goldcrest) togther with a dozen or so bullfinch. Here's a couple of shots I got before the highlight of the show arrived.
Marsh or Willow Tit

Female Bullfinch

Long tailed Tit

And Ok the highlight, some great Short Eared Owls again, the light was rubbish but think I got away with it. They arrived at 2.30 ish and I was on my own photogprahing and to be honest just stood watching up to 8 or 9 owl in the air, both sides of the track. Flippin amazing and hope you like the images of them.
Holding tight to its catch and watching me!
And still looking at me

and hunting again

Until next time, cheers Will

Saturday, 12 November 2011

I was only there an hour and what an hour; Prestwick Carr

Ok arrived and within 5 mins saw this guy, the reason for popping over to be honest. Great Grey Shrike, at some distance thanks for the guy who let me look through his scope..

Then straight over our heads was a very special bird, seen a few this year, this time being chased by a Raven

Then from where I was I could see the owls hunting down the lane, so headed down (should have gone earlier as the light dropped) and got a couple of OK shots.


Then walking back to the car I could hear a little group of Long Tailed Tits that seemed to be following me along the lane, then I spotted them

A great mini Saturday afternoon mission.....

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Never ever get enough of seeing this place!

I so love going down to 'our' lighthouse as my 3 yr old daughter calls it!

Sometimes to photograph it, usually at sunrise or sunset; sometimes to go photograph birds on the island; sometimes (in the past) for a run; sometimes for a bit of fresh air and to clear the head; and sometimes for a walk with me girls; Beth my wife and Izzy that 3yr old (you can see them both, just crossing over on the causeway.

Hoep you like this.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Great few weeks of Bird finds and many firsts!

A Firecrest on my local patch

Short Eared Owl 5mins from work

My 1st ever Water Rail - out in the open to top it off

A wild Mandarin Duck in Tynemouth!

My 1st ever view and rubbish image of a Bittern.

My 1st Northumberland Hen Harrier