Tuesday, 15 November 2011

A Good day of but bloomin grey - Oh and Short eared Owls - Again.........sorry

A day off yesterday (14th ) proved fruitful with some great views up the Northumberland coast of the now well know GreaterYellowlegs
Then leaving the hide (which I only stayed in for 25mins or so as the yellowlegs shot off across the pond) a guy was on the path pointing a video camera at the bushes, and look at what popped its head out to say 'hi'

Saw 1000,s of geese flying over head around Druridge bay, but no Bittern..Shame!

Then headed off to PC early (due to rubbish light) and there as I walked up the lane was a really big flock of mixed tits (longtailed, willow, blue, great, marsh and goldcrest) togther with a dozen or so bullfinch. Here's a couple of shots I got before the highlight of the show arrived.
Marsh or Willow Tit

Female Bullfinch

Long tailed Tit

And Ok the highlight, some great Short Eared Owls again, the light was rubbish but think I got away with it. They arrived at 2.30 ish and I was on my own photogprahing and to be honest just stood watching up to 8 or 9 owl in the air, both sides of the track. Flippin amazing and hope you like the images of them.
Holding tight to its catch and watching me!
And still looking at me

and hunting again

Until next time, cheers Will


  1. Will,

    great pics as usual, especially the first owl picture. I think the tit is a Willow Tit (looks a bit orangish underneath) but who the hell am I to say what a birds is (What did you say that was John, a Marsh Harrier ?, try Hen you plonker"


  2. Top pics! Loving the Short Eared Owl