Saturday, 24 September 2011

'A night with Chris Packham'

and of course the week did finish off on a highlight (why did I not add this in the post below!!!!!!!!!!) with an evening with Chris Packham!/ChrisGPackham

 Wasn't sure what we would see or hear or what time we would finish but thanks for a tweet back form Chris, (Cheers Chris) we were able to arrange babysitting for Izzy.
It was  a great night, a talk through some of his favourite images and the story behind them, some with natural support, and some with the help of man, machine, painted wood and string, all to get the perfect image, that ever for Chris, like the rest of us, this alludes him; day! Thanks for a good night Chris, and all for a good cause, supporting

Oh, and on the way to the theatre we came across this, not something I wouldn expect to see in Newcastle, even on a Friday night - IRONMAN

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